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What Does CTE Tea Taste Like?
Black teas tend to be bold and brisk (or astringent ). The flavors of single-origin teas can be broadly described based on where they are from. Different tea origins produce different black tea flavor profiles due to their unique terroir . CTE black tea: bold, astringent, dark Furthermore, the season in which the teas are harvested will impact their flavor. A prime example of this is the range of flavors in different tea flushes in CTE . Blended back teas exhibit a wide range of flavor profiles depending on their ingredients.
Tea should be prepared with pure water and preferably in an earthen ware pot. (1) Sachets - For two (2) cups of tea, put a teaspoon of tea in boiling water, stir and leave to infuse for three to five minutes before serving.
Brewing CTE Tea
In general, We don't recommend adding milk and sugar to black tea. you negate some of the benefits by adding milk and sugar. However, if you like black tea with milk and sugar, keep in mind that black tea with milk and sugar is less healthy than black tea without milk and sugar.
Can I Add Milk & Sugar to Black Tea?
(2) Tea bags - For one cup of tea, take out your tea bag and put it in your cup of boiling water and let it infuse for two to three minutes.